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KHARI, who?

KHARI Creative is a boutique film company offering video production services for audience development, public engagement, original content, and cinema-ready documentaries.

Headquartered in historic Montgomery, Alabama, KHARI has developed a reputation for delivering dynamic, relevant content that informs and engages audiences. We specialize in creating docu-style films, corporate brand stories, commercials, campaigns, video podcasts, livestream events, educational and biographical documentaries.

Our firm also curates social change initiatives through art and media exhibitions. Our ability to tell stories is rooted in a community-centered principle, giving voice and visualization to authentic experiences, historical events, and emerging narratives.

OUR Process

step one:

CONSULT - Identify. Research. Explore. Forecast
The first step is to schedule a time to discuss project details. We will identify core items, such as the problem we are solving or project goals. We will identify the audience and how they will receive or experience the content. Also the timeline, budget, and other items.

step two:

PRE-PRODUCTION - Discovery. Direction. Scheduling
Next, we will explore solutions, and provide creative direction and storyboard options. During this time, we will schedule site visits and conference calls with any additional team members. We will identify tasks, set deadlines, schedule production dates, book travel, rent gear, etc.

step three:

PRODUCTION - Direct + Produce. Film + Capture
Here’s where the ideating meets creating. While setup during production days typically takes the most time, this ensures the capturing process happens as envisioned. This day can quickly go from wait to hurry! Our goal: Capture beautiful content, work efficiently and stay on task.

step four:

POST-PRODUCTION - Editing. Motion Graphics. Color Grading + Music Scoring. Mastering.
Equally crucial as pre-production and production — post-production is arguably the most detailed and time-consuming process. There are several steps in building the story, mastering, and mixing into the final polished product for your target audience.

step five:

CONTENT DELIVERY - Livestream. Pay-to-View. Transfer or Digital Download
Finally, the delivery! Once the project is complete, we have several ways to deliver the content. The most common way is transferring to an external Harddrive or providing a digital download. We offer live stream services for pre-produced content and live events with pay-to-view options.

Behind The Scenes