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Stories that Connect, Inform, and Build Trust.

At KHARI Creative, we understand that every brand has a unique story to tell. Whether you’re a non-profit aiming to inspire, a corporation intending to engage, or a local business seeking to connect, our craft is in weaving your narrative into impactful video content. Drawing from a rich tapestry of experiences and a commitment to community-centered storytelling, our brand stories resonate with authenticity and relevance, transcending boundaries and locales.

Our Unique Approach

At the heart of KHARI lies a devotion to community-centered principles. We give a voice to authentic experiences, historical events, and emerging narratives. This dedication ensures your brand story is not just watched but felt and remembered.

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what they say about khari

KHARI Creative was attentive responsive and paid attention to detail. We continue to receive positive feedback on the videos that were created for our organization.

Kristen Cothran

Impact Experience

Kalonji and his team at KHARI Creative were able to effectively communicate our story in a beautiful and artistic way. Their talent and expertise allowed our message to be conveyed in a way that resonates with a wide range of audiences and creates a lasting impact.

Rebecca Cornwell

River Region 211


What's the average duration of a brand story video?

Depending on the scope and requirements, our brand story videos can range from short snippets to longer detailed narratives.

Can you help us distribute our brand story video?

Absolutely. With our original content and delivery services, we can assist in distribution via web shows, video podcasts, digital events, virtual programming, and live streaming.

How do you ensure our brand values are well represented?

Our first step, "Consult", is crucial. We dedicate time to understand your brand, its values, and the message you aim to convey. This foundation ensures we represent your brand authentically and effectively.

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