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Docu-Film Production

Documenting Real Stories, Real Emotions.

Crafting Cinematic Truths for Every Audience.

At KHARI Creative, we believe in the power of raw narratives. There's a world brimming with untold stories, unique experiences, and transformative communities. With our docu-film production expertise, we ensure these stories aren't just heard; they resonate, inspire, and captivate.

Our Commitment

With an inherent passion for capturing authentic narratives, KHARI Creative transcends geographical boundaries. We're dedicated to chronicling authentic experiences, events, and emerging tales from various locales and communities. With KHARI, your documentary isn't just a film; it's a testament to real-life stories waiting to be shared.

Inspired to share a story or chronicle a journey?

what they say about khari

The team is dedicated to truth-telling and active storytelling and keeps attention to detail and professionalism as the most important aspects of each job.

Jessica O’Connor


KHARI Creative beautifully captured the essence of our community's story. The documentary they produced moved every viewer, creating a lasting impact.

JaTaune Bosby

ACLU of Alabama


How involved can we be in the docu-film process?

We value collaboration. From consultation to delivery, we welcome your insights and involvement to ensure your vision is perfectly executed.

What's the typical timeline for a documentary project?

Timelines can vary based on the film's length, subject complexity, and other factors. Generally, a short film might take a few weeks, while a full-length documentary can span several months. We'll always align on timelines during our initial consultation.

Do you assist in distributing the documentary?

Certainly. With our access to robust content delivery services, we can help promote and distribute your documentary through various channels, reaching your desired audience effectively.

Discuss Your Documentary Vision with KHARI Creative

Discuss Your Documentary Vision with KHARI Creative

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