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Top Tips to Prepare for Your In-Studio Video Production Event

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There is nothing quite like the anticipation of having all the lights on you as the cameras begin to roll. True, the cameras don’t really use film anymore, but the magic of preparing a space designed to showcase your brand, story, or unique narrative about life is – in a word – magical.

At Khari Creative, we always strive to provide the very best professional video production services around Alabama. Our team wants to create a living, breathing studio space where you can feel comfortable exploring the ins and outs of your desired final video.

That being said, it can be a bit overwhelming if you’ve never been inside a studio before. For that reason, we offer a simple guide to what to bring so that when it's time to capture your story, you are well prepared in advance.

What is a Video Production In-Studio Shoot?

At its core, an in-studio video production shoot encapsulates your story, brand, or message, brought to life through cinematic visuals. These shoots are crafted with precision, harnessing the expertise of seasoned Alabama videographers.

We handle all the details like lighting, editing, and adding features after the fact, but there are some elements we want to collaborate with you and your team ahead of time. This ensures our team understands the spirit and brand identity you are targeting.

These videos are used for a wide range of purposes, and we want to do our best to meet your needs. Many of our clients use our in-studio video production services for projects like:

  • Product launches and demonstrations
  • Personal brand showcases
  • Company or organizational promotions
  • Educational sessions or courses
  • Cinematic storytelling or short films
  • B2B marketing
  • Documentary interviews
  • Podcasts and talk shows
  • Fashion and beauty “how-tos”
  • Informational and explainer videos
  • And more!

How to Prepare for Your Video Production Services

Tip #1 – Start with a Plan:

Whether it's a product demo or a heartwarming narrative, begin with clear goals in mind. What key shots are vital? Is there an interview that has to happen? Do you know your statistics ahead of time? Have a detailed rundown of your brand description and the target audience. And, if it's an interview, draft a set of purposeful questions to guide the conversation. We will do a lot of this work for you, but it doesn’t hurt to hear your ideas if they pop up the night before.

Tip #2 – Have Your Script:

Time is money, especially in a studio setting. Streamline your session by coming equipped with a well-thought-out script. This ensures you utilize every moment, capturing all the necessary elements for your video masterpiece. Again, we can make suggestions about how to create an engaging narrative around your target video, but you should have a draft just in case.

Tip #3 – Extra Video Gear:

While our experts boast a range of top-tier equipment, certain clients have personal preferences. Maybe you're keen on a specific filter or want to use a camera model you're familiar with. It's all about customization, and we are happy to accommodate your requests with a little heads-up warning.

Tip #4 – Video Props:

Objects can add depth and relatability to your shoot. These can enhance the viewer's experience, from brand-specific items to general props. This is also your chance to have a little fun in the shoot.

Pro Tip: If you plan on using animals for an in-studio shoot, they must be cleared with our team beforehand. We live in Alabama, and no one wants any exotic surprises! We can work with most situations as long as some prep work is planned.

Tip #5 – Getting the Right Look:

First impressions matter. Wear something that makes you feel confident but also aligns with the video's theme. Avoid overly bright colors that might overpower the scene. If sporting a brand, ensure it's relevant to the content. You want to market but not distract the viewer's eyes from your core message.

Tip #6 – Get a Good Night's Sleep & Hydrate:

Being fresh-faced and energetic can make all the difference. Your on-camera presence needs to radiate energy, enthusiasm, and authenticity. Yes, makeup helps a lot, so your features and expressions are not washed out on film, but hydration and a good night's sleep can do wonders for your energy and on-screen charisma.

What to Focus on Inside the Shoot

Not everything is about the organizational pathway leading up to the shoot. You need to pay close attention to some things during your session with our Alabama videographers.

  • Lighting: Lighting can either make or break your video. The proper lighting setup can elevate your content, ensuring you're portrayed in the best light, quite literally. We will light up the studio to meet your needs, but be sure to ask any questions or point out which features you want specially lit.
  • Framing: Familiarize yourself with how you'll appear on camera. Understanding your framing can aid your performance, whether it's a close-up or a wide-angle shot. Our videographers can explain how the intended shot will look, but it helps to have a little awareness of the ethereal boundaries of the camera’s target area.
  • Backgrounds: The backdrop sets the scene. Be it a physical set or a digital backdrop, ensure it complements the video's message and aesthetics. We have a range of options to choose from, so don’t be afraid to ask what would work best for your shoot.

Why is Video Production so Beneficial to Your Brand?

Harnessing the power of professional video is no longer an option, but a necessity. With an estimated 3.37 billion internet users consuming video content in 2022 and online videos reaching an audience of 92% worldwide, the stakes have never been higher. In fact, 82% of global internet traffic in 2022 came from video.

For businesses, the direction is clear: videos reign supreme. This is exemplified by B2B companies, where the most popular type of video content in 2021 was product demos and social videos. Moreover, with 14.9% of millennials watching 10-20 hours of online video per week, the reach and impact of quality video content are undeniable.

Whew! That’s a lot of numbers. The fact is, if you want to succeed in today’s age, you need quality videos to market online and off. Using an in-studio session from our professional video production services goes a long way to amplify your goals.


How long does a typical in-studio shoot last?

It varies based on the project's complexity. Generally, a few hours to a full day, but we are happy to work around your scheduling needs with a bit of preparation ahead of time.

Can I bring my own team or collaborators for the shoot?

Absolutely! Collaboration often yields the best results. We do have some space restrictions to ensure our team can move freely around, but we are happy to accommodate your team as much as possible.

Are there any genres or themes you don't cover?

We're versatile but always prioritize projects that align with our brand values and quality standards. If you are concerned the subject you are covering won’t work with our team, be sure to ask ahead of time.


Now, with a treasure trove of insights and tips, are you ready to shine under those studio lights? Remember, the magic is in the details; every great video starts with a vision. How will you share yours?

If you're inspired to create captivating content with KHARI Creative, don't hesitate. Connect with us and embark on a journey to transform your vision into a cinematic masterpiece. Let's make movie magic together, whether it's for your brand, business, or the latest film project.