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How a Video Podcast Can Transform Your Brand

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Around 465 million people tune in to podcasts covering everything from real-life murder mysteries to getting the inside scoop on today’s latest international news. That is about 22% of the entire online population using their mobile devices to stream a podcast while cooking, cleaning, and organizing their backpack for a pending vacation.

Video podcasts are the newest craze because they align all these listeners with a visual medium sure to boost your conversion rate and brand market penetration. Using a freelance videographer is the best way to take advantage of this medium. Instead of wasting time trying to manage audio, video, lighting, and scripting, you can lean on a videographer to do all the hard work so you can focus on what makes your video podcast stand out – your brand!

What is a Video Podcast?

Odds are you’ve probably already heard about podcasting from famous shows like Only Murders in the Building or the Serial podcast series that led to numerous Netflix specials. These are episodic audio recordings organized around a particular theme or event.

In most cases, users subscribe to your podcast feed and get an automatic download of your latest episode whenever you publish something new. You’ll have a host that acts as a master of ceremonies, delivering highly engaging content that fits the audience’s desires.

Video is simply the expansion of this idea through a visual medium. Instead of listening to the podcast, they are actively watching your content.

How Does a Video Podcast Boost Your Brand?

After you find a videographer perfect for your needs, you want to figure out how to leverage this fantastic new marketing tool to attract your leads and audience better. A video podcast will help your brand by:

#1 – Building Audience Trust

Around 93% of B2B buyers and 83% of consumers believe video content makes a business more trustworthy. Your target audience wants to see who you are, what you do, and how you interact with other people. They want to experience those microexpressions and make a judgment about your business.

Giving them something authentic, in your brand voice, and well made through a freelance videographer delivers on that trust promise.

#2 – Increasing Sharable Content

Think about the most recent media you shared with a friend or family member. Odds are, you are in the 52% of consumers who share video content more than anything else online.

Again, having content-rich video podcasts meets your audience's needs by giving them precisely what they want in the medium they want to share organically the most.

#3 – Streamlining Engagement & Conversions

When you find a videographer with experience in building your brand, you get massive support for your engagement data. Moving pictures are more appetizing than static images or plain text.

Yes, there is nothing like reading Harry Potter, but that doesn’t mean millions of viewers worldwide don’t instantly conjure images of a young Daniel Radcliffe when rereading the original content. Video sticks in the mind and delivers information in a way completely unique to anything else.

#4 – Elevating Social Media Reputation

Viewers remember 95% of what they see on a video podcast compared to other forms of static media. On top of that, videos on social media get 1200% more shares than pictures or text. When you give the audience what they want (professionally made video content), you are providing the exact thing they enjoy watching, sharing, and downloading.

Having more people engage with your brand through a video podcast elevates your reputation and authority as a business and brand.

#5 – Making You Discoverable

Everyone is in a battle to be at the top of Google search results. Luckily, with a video podcast, you are creating a highly engaging piece of content that can be infused with links, SEO keywords, and other search result strategies that make it easier for new customers, stakeholders, and partners to find your brand online.

Think about it this way. You can create a 6-part video podcast series downloadable on your website, and then repurpose it on:

  • YouTube Shorts
  • YouTube
  • Apple Podcasts
  • TikTok
  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Email campaigns
  • Internal Media Presentations
  • And more!

How to Strategically Use Video Podcasts

Don’t be afraid to test and re-test your new video podcast content. Let the freelance videographers from our team at KHARI Creative handle the recording side of things while you figure out how to leverage this content for:

  • Video Teasers: quick, short-form videos to build anticipation for upcoming episodes, marketing materials, and ads.
  • Building Subscribers: put your video podcast behind a subscription wall that allows you to cultivate an email list for later marketing and research efforts.
  • Customizing Sales & Promotions: use video podcasts with featured CTAs for holiday promotions, announcing new products/services, or celebrating recent news events.
  • Featuring Clients/Team Members: let your video podcast be the pathway to building long-term relationships by showcasing those clients, team members, and associations likely to align your brand with your target audience’s values.
  • Including CTAs: your video podcast is a fantastic medium for calls to action. Having something as simple as a “download more” or “subscribe now” at the end of the episode helps encourage greater customer engagement.
  • Teaching Your Audience: a video podcast can be leveraged to demonstrate how to use your product, your company's mission, or a wide range of other features that are harder to explain in text alone.

Final Thoughts

A video podcast is an easy way to build your brand, engage your target audience, and expand the usable content to share anywhere online and off. Hiring our team at KHARI Creative gives you a leg up because we already know how to make these podcasts work. Our freelance videographers have spent years helping brands just like you cultivate exciting and authentic video podcasts.

We have the equipment, talent, and experience to guide you along the way. No matter if you’re using our in-studio space or letting our team come to you, let’s schedule a time to record your next episode and boost your brand. Contact us today!