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How to Write a Resonating Video Script for Your Short Form Marketing Content

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There is a reason so many musicians and authors talk about the “plain white page.” When you’re faced with creating something from nothing, putting words on paper can be a real challenge.

Any business, from a product-rich e-commerce brand to a leading IT consultant firm, needs video content. These are the quick online videos posted on social media all the way to the long-form instructionals that end with a quick call to action.

Just like a Marvel Studios movie or the next installment of Star Wars needs a top-notch script, so should your video marketing. In most cases, our professional video production services at KHARI Creative can help you craft a winning script, but if you want to take a crack at it yourself, here is a brief overview to get you started.

Step 1: Pick Your Format

The first challenge you’ll have is a framework. Writing your initial video script is like playing basketball for the first time. You don’t want to try and nail a layup if you don’t know how to dribble the ball.

With video marketing, you have pretty much any flexibility needed to create your script. However, the length is essential. On average, a quality piece of video content will equal out to two words per second. So, if you have a 2-minute video, you’re looking at a 240-word script.

This will vary based on who is speaking in the content, but gives you a good idea of where to start. The other reason to stick with this rule in your video marketing is if you hire a voiceover actor. Two words per second is around the average reading speed.

Step 2: Create an Outline

A big part of what does a videographer do relates to outlining and storyboarding a piece of content. Again, your specific video script will be based on your unique needs, target audience, and a slew of other details. Let’s break down what sections of the outline you should write.

The Opening

The opening is most often called the “hook.” It is the piece of writing that grabs your target audience’s attention and hooks them into the rest of the content.

In most cases, you want to appeal to the emotions of your audience. If you’re working with a product that is designed for pets, talk about the joy of owning a dog, the warmth of petting a cat, or even statistics on how much a pet benefits from a well-made toy.

The Problem

Now that you have the audience’s attention, it’s time to direct their attention to the problem you are solving. You want to give them a reason to care about what it is you are offering, promoting, or discussing.

If you hook your audience on a brand-new luxury hotel, the problem you are pointing out how busy our lives are that we never feel ready to take a vacation. Think about your product or service. What problem does it directly solve for your target audience?

The Solution

This is the natural next step for your video script. You already know the problem. Now you need to demonstrate how your product, service, or entity presents a solution.

Here is where you get to talk about the benefits of your solution. So, if we go back to our luxury hotel, it's time to talk about the in-house spa and massage packages, maybe a golf course attached to the property, or the luxurious swim-up bar in the adults-only pool.

The Secret Sauce

You’ve got the audience hooked and ready to be reeled in, but now you need that little extra push so they’ll take action. Here is where you write about what makes your business, organization, or company different.

People hire our professional video production services all the time, and we almost always begin with uncovering the unique value proposition. What makes you unique (better, less expensive, easier to use, quality control, etc.) is what you bring to the marketplace.

Put another way, in this section of the video script, you are answering: Why you?

The Team

Finally, we’re going to build some trust with the audience. Write a small section in your quick video marketing script that outlines the authentic makeup of your team.

The goal here is to create credibility so that customers or clients don’t seek out a comparable product or service, even after they’ve paid attention to what you’ve already been offering.

You don’t need to oversell. Part of what does a videographer do in this regard is to balance who you are with what you provide to nurture the client’s attention. Not to oversell or push an agenda so hard that it becomes unattractive.


The last piece of content your video script must have is a clear and decisive CTA (call to action). This could be something as simple as “Click Now to Subscribe” or “Contact our team to book a free consultation.”

You want to tell the target audience what you expect them to do by summarizing how it benefits them. Always tie your CTA to your unique value proposition. If you discuss how you help clients, include “helping” your prospective leads in your CTA.

Step 3: Content Creation and Video Production

You should now have a rough draft of a video script that can be passed around to different team members, trusted clients, and our professional video production services. Together, we can iron out the details and add those little stylistic tricks that make it more appealing to your target audience.

Remember, you want to answer the “why” of your marketing intention. What problem are you solving, how do you solve it, what makes you unique, and why does your audience benefit?

As long as you keep the “why” in mind, you’ll have a remarkable video script that can be leveraged during video production.

Once we have a draft of your video script, we can begin the various stages of professional video production. We’ll be able to block out the visual side of content, create a timeline, storyboard the necessary changes, and develop a viable piece of video content that will help you grow and expand your business.

Final Thoughts

Unless you’ve been under a rock, you probably already know video content is leading the digital marketing battle. While writing a script for your upcoming video marketing efforts may seem overwhelming at first, breaking it down into easy-to-digest subsections is an excellent way to overcome your creative barriers.

Our team at KHARI Creative can help with this project. We have premium quality professional video production services based on years of experience working with businesses, nonprofits, organizations, and companies of all sizes and shapes.

Give us a call today or book our services online, and let’s explore how your video script rough draft can be brought to life with our video production team.